American literature of realism& Mark Twain

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American literature of realism &Mark Twain

By Tiffany NO.29


National background Literature feature Representative writers
Mark Twain

Realism was a kind of literary doctrine and also an artistic movement that first appeared in 19th century France,which was intended to advocated "reality and truth"in the depiction of orfinary life.Artists and writers were affected by its theme,therefore,strove for detailed realistic and factual description.And we have learned the werstern history ,so ,Politically, people regarded the Realism as a result of the establishment and development of western capitalism.After 1830,it dominated over the western European literature.

American Iiterature of Realism(1865—1918)
When it spreaded to America, then it became the mainstream of American literature.It first appeared in the United States in the literature of local color, an mixture of romantic plots and realistic descriptions of things .the dialects, customs, sights.

现实主义有浓厚的美国本土特色,是浪漫主义故事情节和现实主义描 写相结合的产物:美国风味的方言、风俗、各种观点

Time period




The american realism was a reaction of romanticism literature .It called on "Face to reality, not fantasy". Realism literature also paved the way for the modernnism literature.

(After the Civil War) With the development of society,there was a great need to know the country in full range of Novels full of regional features.


? ? ? ?

a new and harsher realism the end of the 19th century society's disorders Jack London


National background Literature feature Representative writers
Mark Twain



The Civil War





The First Word War

? This period roughly covers the time between the American Civil War and the First World War. ? After the Civil War, the United States witnessed rapid industrialization and urbanization and economic boom, a period Mark Twain called “the Gilded Age”.

1.The Civil War changed America from an agrarian to an industrial society. 2.The Civil War changed American people's views on values, morality and religion. The above political, social and moral changes have influened American writers in both theme and technique.

Literature Feature


express the true life and expose the inherent vice of capitalism in form of local color, a bond of romantic plots and realistic descriptions of things.

2)paid more attention on Middle class pursuit of freedom and equalit

3)现实主义(realism)-->New York replaced Boston as the nation's literary center. 纽约成为新的文化中心。

Representative Writers

William Dean

Henry Jame

Jake London Mark Twain (1835~1910)

Voice from the lower class—Mark Twain

profession:Humorist、Novelist “the Lincoln of our literature ”hawells
feature:Abounding with witty humor,satire and local colour.Broke out of narrow limits of local color fiction and described the various experience of Americans.

The Gilded Age Life on the Mississippi The Million Pound Note The Adventure of Tom Sawyer The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn

The novel mainly tells a story about a thirteenyear-old poor boy Huckleberry Finn. He escaped from the town and set off down the Mississippi River. In the journey with Jim, Huck struggled with the restraints of the civilized society and about racial prejudices.

In this work he broke away from the influence of traditional English literature in terms of content and form. He presented a detailed picture of American society, and what’s more, he firstly adopted American colloquial idioms and collaquial syntax in the writing.

*Hemingway once said, “All modern American literature came from one book called The Adventure Of Huckleberry Finn. There was nothing before. There has been nothing as good since”

*Mark Twain put the American literature of realism to the peak ,which had an epoch significant.So he earned a world fame in his life time and had an influence on the great literary masters of the 20th century, such as we mentioned just now——Hemingway.

Review ★definition:
world wideRealism(US Realism) Civil war's influence Naturelism

★American literature of Realism:

feature: Face to reality, not fantasy

★Mark Twain:

feature:humor,satire and local colour. The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn

HXP Tiffany


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